We are witnessing the end of one paradigm of writing and the emergence of another. The older one corresponds with the generation of writers roughly 40 and over. This generation of writers and readers was raised in the last phase of print culture and enjoyed an immersion in a completely different linguistic environment. Verbal communication was still profoundly affected by the protocols of print, such that it was possible for the culture as a whole to maintain a belief in the subordinate status of images and the spoken word, and the primacy of the printed, written word. To the new generation, the verbal arts are one among a variety of media in a multi-media environment, and the written word is now seen as the authentic product of both the computer and print. This changes the status of the book, and the assumptions we bring to the texts we inscribe within it. This text is an exploration of these changes.



Page 1:

The computer and the book

The book as multi-media space, a transcript of a spoken performance


Page 2:

Screen and book

The authorial effect

Verbal expression after the book

Gabbers and gurus


page 3:

Writing, orality, speech

What remains of the book and the author


page 4:

Writing is functional

What characterizes new writing

Literature is now a genre

The author as a brand


About the author


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